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My name is Jack Eyram Azor. I grew up in a very remote fishing village called Tegbi in the Keta District of the Volta region in Ghana. I had my basic education under a very harsh condition of poverty. In fact we had no real functional classrooms than shabby straw structures. There was no electricity in my school. Sometimes I had to walk barefoot to school just because we couldn’t afford shoes. Now and then you could find my school uniform torn and there was no money to buy a new one or to repair it. Now my life has totally shifted. I must simply consider myself blessed to be where I am today. Currently I am pursuing my PhD in Fine Art in Belgium at the University of Leuven. Growing up, one thing has become clear to me; the issue of poverty in Ghana (Africa) is actually not related to anything than lack of knowledge on the part of the indigenes on how to use their abundant natural resources to solve basic life problems. It is for this reason I have decided to open this research center which shall promote the use of artistic and creative knowledge to tackle the issue of development in Ghana (Africa). This we intend to do by providing conducive and effective educational facilities for deprived communities using locally obtained materials. Also through working together with the locals on the projects we aim to promote knowledge sharing.