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Current Project

Rebuilding a School Complex for Kwajwifo DA School
For this very project we have the ambition to rebuild a school complex for Kwajwifo DA School in the Krachi Nchumuru district of the Volta region of Ghana. It is one of the 56 school in the district that are in this terrible condition. Let alone other 100s of schools in this region and other regions of the country. With this project we aim to provide the school kids with a clean, functional and conducive study environment which includes other facilities such a library, a dinning hall, a playground and an auditorium.

Our Approach
Our ambition as an organization is to solve this problem by producing a very durable, cost effective, conducive and  functional architecture which actually fosters learning.
Through creativity we intend to find alternative ways of building with refined locally obtained materials such as clay (fired bricks), stone, raffia, bamboo, wood, etc.  
We also intend to include the indigenes of the community in the project and by so doing to empower and impact the community with building skills.

What we Need
We need about 45,000 euros to complete this project. The money shall be used to buy the needed cement and iron rods for the construction of the foundations and the pillars. Part of the money shall be used to purchase basic building equipments. We shall also use part of this money for transportation and feeding.

 Expected Start & End Dates of the Project
 We desire to start the project by April 2019 and we want to complete it within two to three years. That is by 2021-2022.